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Meditation methods – The Fitnessista

Sharing several types of meditation methods and the way to implement them into your routine!

Hiii! How are you? I hope you’re having fun with the morning! The Pilot is off work at the moment (wahoo!) so I’m going to see if I can persuade him to hitch me for F45 cardio day after which we’re going to seize espresso, breakfast, and perhaps take pleasure in a number of consecutive sentences of grownup dialog. What a deal with!

For at the moment’s put up, I wished to talk a bit about meditation and the several types of methods. Meditation is one thing that’s been on and off in my life, however I’ve been fairly constant for the previous 12 months. It makes an enormous distinction in my day. I really feel centered, calm, and it’s one in every of my favourite each day rituals. I plug in my PEMF Go Mat (use FITNESSISTA15 for a reduction), do 10 minutes of an eye fixed masks whereas I meditate, after which I pray and journal. If I’ve further time, I keep on the Go Mat slightly longer and work on NYT Spelling Bee.

There are such a lot of totally different meditation methods on the market, and it may be slightly overwhelming, particularly should you’re a newbie.

For at the moment’s put up, I wished to interrupt down among the most typical strategies of meditation and the way to use them in your routine.

*A pleasant reminder that it’s useful to have a delegated meditation area that isn’t your mattress! You don’t need to affiliate this area with the rest.Additionally, ensure that it’s free of labor and litter; you don’t need laundry and to-do lists to stare at you within the face as you’re making an attempt to calm down.

For extra meditation ideas, take a look at this put up.

Meditation methods

Guided meditations

In case you’re new to meditation or discover it difficult to focus, guided meditations may be a useful help. These pre-recorded classes are led by skilled practitioners who gently information your ideas and breath, serving to you discover your heart. Select from a myriad of meditation apps or on-line sources providing guided classes tailor-made to varied targets, from stress aid to improved focus. A few of my favourite embody the Peloton app, Calm, and Headspace.


Breathwork is the center and soul of meditation, weaving a profound connection between your thoughts and physique. Apply deep stomach respiratory to calm your nervous system and produce your consideration inward. Take note of every inhale and exhale, permitting your breath to be your anchor within the current second. I love to do field respiratory (in for 8, maintain for 8, out for 8), or the 6-7-8 technique (in 6, maintain 7, out for 8). Subsequent-level: consider a phrase on the inhale and one other phrase you need to really feel on the exhale, or consider one thing you’re grateful for on every exhale.


Mindfulness meditation is about cultivating consciousness of the current second with out judgment. Convey your consideration to the sensations, ideas, and feelings flowing by you. Acknowledge them, however keep away from getting entangled of their narrative. By observing with out judgment, you may achieve perception into your internal panorama and foster acceptance. One in every of my favourite methods is named basking: being attentive to, and taking enjoyment in, tiny, particular particulars. Strive to consider one thing you may, see, contact, scent, hear, and style, as you breathe.

Transferring meditation

For many who discover sitting meditation difficult, strolling meditation is usually a blissful various. Go for a stroll in a quiet park or pure setting. Focus your consideration on the feeling of every step, the rhythm of your breath, and the connection between your toes and the earth. This transferring meditation lets you combine mindfulness into your each day actions, particularly when stillness may be difficult.


Visualization meditation entails imagining a serene place or a desired final result. Shut your eyes and create a psychological image of a relaxing seaside, lush forest, or any scene that resonates with you. Visualize your self in that area, soaking in its tranquility. This system helps alleviate stress and empowers you to manifest your aspirations. There are tons of visualization meditations on YouTube!

Progressive muscle rest

PMR is sort of a magical therapeutic massage on your thoughts and physique, and one of the best half is, you are able to do it wherever, anytime! You systematically tense after which launch totally different muscle teams in your physique, melting away stress and alluring in complete rest. It’s like a symphony of serenity that tunes your physique to a state of pure tranquility. This system isn’t nearly letting go of bodily stress; it additionally works wonders for calming a stressed thoughts, and may be particularly useful earlier than mattress.

Sound bathtub meditation

It’s a sensory delight the place you’ll be immersed in a harmonious mix of sound vibrations produced by varied devices like singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums. As these enchanting sounds wash over you, you’ll really feel stress soften away, and your thoughts will quiet like a nonetheless pond. Just lately, I bought to attempt a sound bathtub meditation at Miraval, and we floated in little hammocks because the therapeutic sound frequencies surrounded us. It was magical, I inform ya.

So, inform me, associates: what’s your favourite kind of meditation? How usually do you meditate in your routine??

Let this put up your pleasant reminder to get in a lil Zen time at the moment.



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