What Are They & Which Ones Are – BoKU® Superfood

What Are They & Which Ones Are – BoKU® Superfood

The BoKU Beginners Guide To Superfoods: What Are They & Which Ones Are The Best?

Savvy entrepreneurs slap the label “superfood” on almost each merchandise you could find within the grocery store, hoping the declare will compel customers so as to add it to their cart. Superfood potato chips? Yup. That’s a factor. 

However what’s a respectable superfood? 

On this article, we’ll discover the next:

  • The definition of a superfood
  • Classes of superfoods
  • Examples of widespread superfoods
  • Examples of uncommon, unique superfoods 
  • How are superfood powders created?
  • Superfood and inexperienced powders: the nice, the dangerous and the ugly
  • The best solution to eat a number of natural superfoods in a single sitting

What Is A Superfood?

When most individuals consider superfoods, fruit and veggies come to thoughts. And for good motive. Vegetables and fruit are full of vitamins (nutritional vitamins and minerals) and micronutrients (hint minerals). However the world of superfoods encompasses excess of the produce you may get out of your native farmer’s market. 

Some take into account sure animal-derived meals to be superfoods like wild salmon, however at Boku, we focus solely on plant-based sources.  We’ll check out different superfood classes within the subsequent part. For now, although, let’s get again to answering the query, “What makes a superfood a Tremendous Meals?”

Sure, it’s the nutritional vitamins and minerals. However there’s much more to the story than what the vitamin label reveals. 

For example, all people is aware of that broccoli is a superfood. Based on the vitamin info label for chopped broccoli, one cup gives 135% vitamin C and 11% vitamin A. 

These two vitamins are alone price it to hearken to your mother and end your broccoli. There’s additionally a bit of little bit of protein, calcium and iron. 

However the factor that makes superfoods tremendous that’s not listed on the vitamin info label (or the elements label of a product that features broccoli) is what’s known as phytochemicals.

There are literally thousands of phyto- (phyto is Greek for plant) chemical substances—also called phytonutrients—in a single plant. These pure compounds, typically talking, assist defend vegetation from fungi, micro organism, viruses and hungry bugs. 

These identical pure chemical substances that shield vegetation assist shield us, too. 

They assist our immune system, hormonal steadiness, temper, and play a major position in sustaining homeostasis. 

When your physique is in a state of homeostasis, you don’t simply really feel okay, you’re feeling nice: your vitality is rock-steady all day, you’re feeling calm but laser-focused, you will have considerable vitality and also you’re in good spirits. 


That’s why consuming vegetation rocks! However if you wish to feel and look your greatest, you shouldn’t merely be content material with consuming a plant-based weight-reduction plan. 

To repeat: plant-based diets might not enhance your well being!

In any case, wheat is a plant. So is corn. Rice additionally comes from a plant. (Technically, the rice plant is a grass, however let’s not break up hairs.) 

Consuming a lot of heavily-processed and genetically-modified grains, which come from vegetation and sadly kind the premise of a lot of the meals provide within the west, can contribute to well being issues.

As a substitute, you must eat a superfood-based weight-reduction plan to really feel superb daily!

Briefly, superfoods ship essentially the most spectacular quantity of vitamins and phytochemicals that you simply received’t see on the vitamin info label—within the fewest quantity of energy doable. 

Forms of Superfoods: Extra Than Fruits and Veggies

Lastly, for the thousandth time, the recommendation to eat a lot of leafy, inexperienced veggies has sunken in. However you don’t notably like spinach or kale to not point out that you don’t have any time to cook dinner wholesome recipes. So that you analysis tremendous greens powder and take into account shopping for one on-line. 

Earlier than you make that buy, nonetheless, take into account that there’s far more to superfoods than leafy inexperienced veggies. 

One of the best superfood powders include not simply tremendous greens however a number of different superfood classes that provide most dietary density with comparatively few energy. 

Along with fruits and veggies, superfoods additionally come from:

  • Grasses
  • Seeds
  • Sprouts
  • Mushrooms
  • Algae
  • Pods (ex: Mesquite, Vanilla Bean, Cacao)
  • Enzymes


You must attempt to incorporate as many whole-food sources of superfoods in your weight-reduction plan each single day for optimum well being. 

That’s as a result of the extra various your superfood consumption is, the extra you’re supporting your well-being. Keep in mind: the vitamin label doesn’t inform you all of the various kinds of antioxidants that vegetation possess. 

It’s possible you’ll be conversant in the time period “polyphenols.” Polyphenols are a particular subset of antioxidants. Flavonoid compounds corresponding to quercetin, catechins, anthocyanin are examples of polyphenols. 

Every polyphenol and different kind of antioxidant serves a distinct operate. That is why it’s so necessary to eat all kinds of superfoods and never only one or two leafy greens.

So in case you’re on the lookout for the most effective superfood powder to make it simpler to eat all kinds of antioxidants, search for one that features not simply tremendous greens but in addition the classes listed above. 

Record Of Greatest Superfoods (That You’ve Already Heard Of)

Let’s scratch broccoli off the listing. We’ve already coated that one 🙂 

Different examples of inexperienced, leafy veggies or cruciferous veggies that try to be together with in your weight-reduction plan embody: spinach, kale, cabbage, parsley, and cauliflower. 

Sprouts had been included as a class of superfood above. Technically, sprouts are vegetation, child vegetation to be extra exact. 

However the motive sprouts need to be in a class all their very own is as a result of they’re usually occasions extra nutrient wealthy than their grown-up counterparts. Sprouts are additionally richer in fiber, which can assist your digestion and elimination. 

Sprouts from flax, pumpkin, and crimson clover, together with leafy and cruciferous greens, are a few of the most nutrient-dense on the earth. 

But when there’s one superfood that’s arguably the most well-liked it’s spirulina. Spirulina is a blue-green algae with an unimaginable phytonutrient profile. It’s a superb supply of the red-blood-cell builder and oxygen-booster, chlorophyll. Spirulina additionally comprises important fatty acids. 

Spirulina helps regular irritation ranges and is a superb supply of antioxidants. Many individuals are shocked to be taught that spirulina powder is a superb supply of protein. 

Some individuals take into account spirulina to be, ounce for ounce, essentially the most nutrient-dense meals on the planet. Is it the most effective superfood on Earth? It’s undoubtedly within the operating. Chlorella and kelp are additionally examples of tremendous algae. 

One other superfood you’ve heard of is uncooked cacao. The uncooked ingredient in chocolate, cacao powder comes from the seed of a pod. 


Containing the pure compound phenethylamine, cacao triggers the discharge of endorphins and mood-supporting neurochemicals within the mind. 

No surprise we really feel so pleased consuming chocolate! Cacao can assist libido and general vitality.

Beets, avocados, blueberries, cranberry, tart cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, swiss chard, dandelion greens, onions, garlic, turmeric, ginger, walnuts and inexperienced tea are different examples of superfoods you already are conversant in. 

Greatest Unique Superfoods (Good Luck Discovering These In The Grocery store)

However what about all of the unusual sounding elements that make the world of superfoods so thrilling? 

Talking of libido, maca root is a superfood that has develop into wildly common lately. Native to the excessive Andes in Peru, maca root is an adaptogen, or adaptogenic herb. 

Maca root has obtained a variety of consideration currently as a result of of its energy-supporting properties.

Adaptogenic herbs are vegetation that many pure well being specialists consider are the very cream of the crop of medicinal vegetation. Adaptogens assist regulate the physique’s response to emphasize. 

Should you’re stressed, you seemingly received’t be within the temper or have the vitality to get between the sheets. Adaptogens normalize the manufacturing of stress hormones within the physique. 

Edible adaptogenic herbs must be on the high of all people’s superfood listing. Different adaptogenic superfoods embody: acai berries, goji berries and edible mushrooms, together with reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail and Lion’s mane


We’re bombarded by bodily, psychological, and environmental stress daily. Should you’re contemplating shopping for a superfood powder, ensure it’s jam full of adaptogens!

And with regards to fruit, there’s much more to superfoods than berries. Acai and goji berries are examples of unique superfruits. 

Each acai and goji berries have been used for hundreds of years within the Far East to assist well being in some ways. 

Acai berries are thought-about the last word anti-aging fruit. Goji berries, in the meantime, helps imaginative and prescient and eye well being, temper and regular immune response. 

One other instance that deserves a spot on the high of greatest superfoods listing is lucuma fruit. 

Lucuma fruit was revered as “Incan Gold,” due to its life-sustaining properties. Broadly utilized in South America for pores and skin and sweetness, lucuma comprises potent free-radicals, which might forestall untimely ageing. 

Like all different tremendous fruits, lucuma received’t spike your blood sugar ranges; it has a low rating on the glycemic index. 

Subsequent on the high of the unique superfoods listing is barley grass. Really, barley grass isn’t unique. You’ll find it at many well being meals shops. However barley grass, in case you’re new to the superfood weight-reduction plan, isn’t as widespread as different tremendous greens. 

Like spirulina, there’s far too many well being advantages of barley grass to call right here. However right here’s only one: it’s a superb supply of the enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD protects your well being by stopping free radicals from changing into poisonous substances. 

A pair different unusual inexperienced superfoods are nettle leaf and nopal cactus


When you don’t wish to step barefoot on the previous (nettle leaf is also called stinging nettle and sure, it stings), the edible a part of the plant is among the greatest superfoods for supporting the respiratory system. 

In the meantime, indigenous individuals within the American Southwest and Mexico have been consuming nopal cactus for hundreds of years. 

Analysis exhibits that nopal cactus helps the physique’s first line of immune protection; might assist normalize blood sugar ranges and even helps to get well from hangovers. 

(Hopefully that’s not why you’re desirous about shopping for superfoods!)

Superfood Powders: The Good, The Dangerous & The Ugly

Who has the time or the cash to buy dozens of superfoods? No one, that’s who. That’s why superfood powders or tremendous inexperienced powders as they’re additionally known as have develop into very talked-about over time. 

In a world of extraordinarily busy schedules, superfood powders supply the last word simple and handy solution to receive an on a regular basis dose of the world’s most nutrient-dense meals. 

Superfood powders additionally take away the massive downside of meals spoilage, inflated pricing and fossil gasoline losing. 

With a shelf life that’s just about limitless, superfood powders include elements which can be harvested at their most nutrient worth. 

The elements are then dried at a low temperature to protect the well being advantages. And all it’s a must to do is add water or a non-dairy beverage to the powder, stir or shake and drink it up.

Slicing out the center salespeople, the most effective superfood powders are sourced immediately from the farm and the corporate that sells the powder shakes the arms that farm the lands. 

And you may get the well being advantages of a inexperienced superfood powder (or superfood protein powder) for lower than the worth of a each day cup of espresso. 

However some superfood powders are costly and don’t embody that many elements. You’d be higher off buying to your personal superfood elements and mixing them at house. 


One other downside with some so-called superfood corporations is that you simply don’t know the place the elements come from. Is each single ingredient natural, sourced from an environmentally-sustainable farm with mineral-rich soil? 

If not, you’re not getting the very best quality—and you might be jeopardizing your well being. 

That’s as a result of poisonous herbicides and pesticides are closely sprayed on conventionally-grown produce. 

A fruit or vegetable actually shouldn’t be known as a superfood if it comprises potentially-harmful chemical substances, together with heavy metals. 

(That’s but one more reason to verify the superfood powder you buy comprises a lot of adaptogens. Adaptogens assist neutralize all stressors, together with environmental stressors.) 

This brings us again full circle to the introduction of this text. The advertising and marketing hype round superfoods and superfood powders make it tough for customers to know what model to belief. 

Keep away from superfood powders if the elements aren’t natural and the corporate promoting it’s a faceless big company. If that’s the case, chances are high the corporate doesn’t care about your well being and sources low-cost, diluted elements. 

As a substitute, select a superfood powder that comprises all kinds of natural elements and cares deeply about environmental sustainability, soil regeneration, honest wages for farmworkers and love for Mom Earth. 


BōKU Superfood Powder: 55 Of The World’s Greatest Superfood Substances

BōKU is a real family-run enterprise. It’s not a model backed by massive enterprise capital bucks. We haven’t nor will we ever promote out and compromise our high quality and values. We try for perfection and supreme high quality. Our superfood powders are GMO-free, vegan-certified, USDA Natural and micro-batched in-house. 

Should you’re researching the most effective superfood or tremendous greens powder, look no additional and provides our core product a attempt: ORGANIC SUPERFOOD Powder

BōKU Superfood powder comprises 55 superfoods, together with 14 adaptogenic mushrooms (we name them Tremendous ‘Shrooms) which you received’t discover in every other superfood powder. 

Only one scoop gives a few of the most potent, natural superfoods ever recognized to humanity. Flood your cells with antioxidants, prebiotic fiber, probiotics, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. 

When you’ve skilled how vibrant you’ll really feel incorporating Superfood into your each day ritual, you’ll wish to try our different line of superfood powders together with our 4-source vegan chocolate protein powder, and high-octane/no jitters pure vitality mix: SUPER FUEL

Welcome to the thrilling world of superfoods! Right here’s to feeling tremendous!


Get your each day dose of the world’s most interesting superfood elements in only one scoop!



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